We will no longer permit
ourselves to be relegated
to the role of brutal pawns in a chess game affecting the communities in which
we live and serve.

Established 1968

The African American Police League (AAPL)
is a community organization of Black Police Officers and Civilians who have a firm and active commitment for better police service in the black community.

The African American Police League is dedicated to the task of elevating the image of the black police officer and the black community to one of dignity and respect.

The League, in 1972, was one of the founders of the National Black Police Association, a consortium of black police organizations throughout the states.

AAPL has assisted these and other existing organizations challenge the discriminatory hiring and personnel practices of their particular police department.

The League assists police officers in job related matters (i.e. working conditions; discipline, collective bargaining contract), discrimination harassment; legal referral, counseling; informational resources; promotional classes, exam preparation, police education, educational seminars, and lobbying.